It’s official! Sky-History / A&E Networks this week will launch promotions of our first TV co-production.

The brand-new series, Secrets of The Lost Liners, will start running at 21.00 on Wednesday 27th July on Sky/History in the UK. This will be the most extensive and detailed 6 x 1 hours made on the subject. Charting 100 years of ocean liner history, some of the most informed experts and authors tell the story of how they were designed, built, served on the oceans, but ultimately lost through war, accident or human error. The producers would like to extend thanks to all the enthusiast, passengers and fans of the subject that helped with their knowledge and connections during the making of the series. International broadcasts are likely to follow later in 2022/23.
Episodes for the first run are: Normandie, Queen Elizabeth, Andrea Doria, Rex, Cap Arcona, America/Australis.

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