If you’d like to get in touch with any of the team, please drop us an email in the first instance.

Born This Way Media Ltd.

We occasionally get involved with packaging up and developing ideas but before you enquire, please read the following points.

Preparing a proper pitch takes time and research – lots of it. So firstly search online to see if another programme¬†or series has covered the same ground or a similar idea. If it’s been done already then your idea needs a completely new take on the subject, unique access or brilliant talent attached that will wow viewers.

Every broadcaster has a page on their website that specifically states the kind of programme and subject matter they are seeking – so ideas need to be targeted. Search with keywords using the broadcasters name then ‘producers’ then ‘submissions’. If your idea does not fit any of their remits – then there is little point in pitching.

Broadcasters get 100’s of ideas a week from all the top producers and production companies and 99% of them get turned down. There are simply too few slots for all the pitches sent in. Your idea really needs to grab attention, be very unique, capable of legally being produced and pass the two points above for it to have any chance of a look-in.